No surprises here. Since the beginning of 2020, COVID and everything that's come along with it has created a gloomy climate for people, and an austere (if not downright harsh) climate for companies. 

After living for 7 months in such an environment, at Digitevent we want to show you some solutions, we like to keep our spirits up (without burying our heads in the sand). There are two choices in these uncertain times: to succumb to the anxiety of the future or to see the bright side of things and the opportunities emerging from it, with a view of resilience. 

But first of all, let's look back over the last few months to take a step back and see how best to become optimistic again:

The observation, in brief:

Because (among other things) social media, which relays information that is often unverifiable and massively shared, this observation is undeniable: There is a danger of misinformation and an increase in anxiety.

lockdown and after lockdown effect on the word anxiogenous

This snowball effect contributes to the appearance of an almost psychotic state in which we no longer know whether the information that comes to us is objective and reliable. This gives free rein to the most far-fetched theories and psychological biases of all kinds.

What if it's not so bad? The Good News :

Boris Cyrulnik, a psychoanalyst, said, "Unlike in the United States, where the term 'resilience' is in common use as a marker of optimism, in Europe it is more difficult to impose it as if we had a penchant for miserabilism".

It is true that Europe (except perhaps Scandinavia) is not known for its optimistic spirit. Why not try to change that?

There is a multitude of ways of looking at the prism of everyday life from a new, more positive angle:

  • Avoid over-consumption of content on social networks, and try getting your news from more reliable sources such as major national newspapers.
  • Have fun at work, especially by avoiding "Zoom fatigue" with laughter, events, actors who come to refresh your meetings, conferences, and even your video conferences!
  • Follow "Happy broadcasts;" those few media outlets that only broadcast positive information, so you go from seeing the glass as half-empty to seeing it as half-full.
  • Rationalize the world around you (we recommend the book The Rational Optimist): we live in the most peaceful time in history, the infant mortality rate is at its lowest in the world.
  • You can also use this time of industry slowdown and take a break, for your own mental health. Make sure you're drawing a line between your personal and professional life and take the necessary space to refocus on goals and enjoy your family.

Okay, but what about business?

As far as business is concerned, we agree, some sectors are in great distress and can do nothing about it, notably restaurants, hotels and of course the event industry.

Nevertheless, as in every upheaval, several positive things can happen for you: the market can, for example, find itself skimmed (with less competition).

In other cases, such as in events, flexibility is a must, and we adapt to the context by offering videoconferencing solutions, virtual or hybrid events, to keep a crucial sector alive for all companies. 

But don't worry: All sectors should benefit from the postponement of expenses that companies have not made during this year 2020. Which promises us great growth for the years to come!