Discover our onboarding program to successfully digitize the key steps of your event: invitations, registrations, check-in and live engagement on the D-day.

Upline consulting and understanding of your needs

Once your specifications are submitted, we analyze the characteristics of your project in order to advise you as best as we can. To achieve this, we assure that the particularities of your event are addressed with the right functionalities, and that the operating process remains simple. We share your objectives: ensure the success of your project, for future participants as much as the team behind it's organization. Our salespersons and product specialists have helped organize hundreds of events, benefit from exchanging with them freely!

Tame the tool to reach your objectives

Our ''Customer Success'' team accompanies you all along during your project. As much as time allows it, you will be trained and followed by the same person, and can solicit as many long-distance work meetings as necessary. The mission of our Digivent experts is to ensure the correct handling of the tool and to guide you through each key step. Reactive by nature, they also are proactive, informing you of any points of vigilance they may have spotted on the platform. As much as our DNA belongs to a software solution, our support is individualized and based on forging strong relationships with all of our clients.

Specialist overwatch on event day

During your events, we can offer you a specialized on-site supervision. A Digivent project owner can be in charge of the set-up while ensuring the fluidity of your event's welcoming. The goal is to allow you to focus on the production, exchanges with participants, and management of other service providers. We can also have ready-to-use signature kits at your disposal (tablets, scanners, printers...) if necessary. Discover our welcome services.

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