Cookies Policy

Last publication on 06.23.21

I. Definition

Cookies are data files stored in a web user's terminal equipment, used by the website to send information to the web user's browser allowing the browser to send information back to the source website (such as a session’s identifier, choice of language, or other). For their period of validity, cookies help store status information when a browser access pages on a website or returns to the same website.

Only the cookie issuer may read or modify the information it contains. There are various kinds of cookies:

  • session cookies – these disappear as soon as you leave the website;
  • permanent cookies – these stay on your terminal until expiry or until you delete them via your browser.

You are hereby informed that, during your visits to the website, cookies may be installed on your device terminal.

II. Cookies used on the public site

The cookies used by DIGIT EVENT SAS are used to :

- analyze the website's traffic and usage

DIGIT EVENT SAS uses the services supplied by the American company Google Inc. Data collected through cookies are forwarded to and stored by Google Inc. Google Inc. belongs to Safe Harbor, which ensures an adequate protection level of personal data (Ruling 2000/520/CE of 26-7-2000).

The Google Analytics service enables visitor counting as well as the identification of the manner in which these visitors use the website. These cookies are placed and read onto the user’s computer terminal as soon as he accesses a website linked to “Google Analytics”.

Data generated by these cookies pertain to:

  • your usage of the website;
  • your IP address, in order to identify the city from which the connection is taking place.

This data is anonymized immediately after localization and is not communicated to DIGIT EVENT SAS.

Cloudflare uses cookies to maximize network resources, manage traffic, and protect our Customers’ sites from malicious traffic.

You may obtain further information on:

- to personalize and improve your browsing experience

DIGIT EVENT uses the services of the American company inc.

The data generated by these cookies allow us to identify visitors and keep track of their use of "conversational chat" with the Digit Event team (icon generally located at the bottom right of the screen).

You can get more information at:

III. Cookies used on event sites (attendee side)

The cookies used by DIGIT EVENT SAS are used in order to allow the correct use of the service.

  • Cookie name: preferredLanguage
  • Published by Digit Event
  • Lifespan: 1 week
  • Purpose of the cookie: load and direct site redirects in the best language for the user
  • Cookie name: secureId-{{event}}
  • Published by Digit Event
  • Lifespan: 2 days
  • Purpose of the cookie: to facilitate the reconnection of users in the event of a page update

    The organizer has the option if he wishes to activate Google Analytics features on the event in order to analyze traffic and use of the site. The same rules as in Part II then apply in this case.

IV. Consent

When you navigate our website, the set up and reading of cookies offer the possibility to analyze your browsing and measure our website's audience. Although the majority of browsers accept cookies by default you may, should you wish so, choose to accept all, consistently reject or choose the cookies you wish to accept according to the issuer. You may also set your browser to accept or reject cookies prior to installation on a case to case basis. You may also regularly delete cookies from your terminal through your browser. Do not forget to set all browsers on your various terminals (tablets, smartphones, computers). Cookies management and selection settings differ according to browsers. These settings are indicated in your browser’s help menu. Consult the help section to learn how to modify your cookie settings.

For example:

  • in Internet Explorer™:;
  • in Safari™: ;
  • in Chrome™: ;
  • in Firefox™:;

Nevertheless, we hereby inform you that when you set your browser to reject cookies, some functions, pages, zones of the website will not be accessible. We shall not be responsible for such lack of accessibility to functionality.

We also draw your attention to the fact that, when you reject the use of cookies, a cookie rejection is installed on your computer terminal. Should you delete this rejection cookie, the system will not be able to identify you. Similarly, once you accept the installation of cookies, a cookie consent is installed. Cookies consents or rejection must remain on your computer terminal.