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Digitevent is born in 2013, a joyful mix of skills from it's founding team, allying event expertise and passion for the web. Technologies back then considered as new left us with the possibility to change the lives of event managers.

The objective is outlined and remains until today the engine of the Digitevent team: build a simple, reliable, and intuitive product that allows improving the experience of participants and the most demanding of organizers.

The following is a tale that keeps on being written every day with its challenges and new successes. We never stop listening to our clients in order to improve the product a resolve the needs of tomorrow. Digitevent develops it's technology in France thanks to a team of nearly 30 passionate workers with complementary competencies.

Over 3000 clients have put their trust in us, with events realized in over 30 countries! And since 2017, our adventure has taken novel proportions with the launch of an office in Brasil's industrial center São Paolo.

  • 1One team
  • 3 000happy clients
  • 500 000emails sent monthly
  • 450average participants

Our values

  • Common sense

    Taking the time to take a step back and reflect is always the shortest path to reach one's objectives.

  • Benevolence

    That it be towards the team or our clients, we grant major importance to help the progress and success of the other.

  • Always innovating

    Never indulge, stay humble, and always look to improve, create a stir the lines.

  • Event & client first

    Always act in service to our mission: help our clients organize the best events, in a simpler manner.

Our offices


São Paulo

More than 3000 organizersuse Digitevent for their professional events!

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