Fast and efficient badge printing

Connect our wireless printers to the access control solution in order to edit and print a badge at participant arrivals. Assign quality badges, with the ability to re-print if necessary.

Not a second to waste

Fast and reliable printing system

The distribution of printed badges on-site eases welcoming. It is 45% faster as it saves you the hassle of tedious searching at your location. Furthermore, you will have the ability to print last-minute badges.

Assignable and customizable

Good looking badges, even last minute

You can include all guest information on the badge, as well as QR or bar-codes (useful for multiple control points or contact exchange between participants).

Send out electronic badges

Opt for a digital alternative

Adopt an environmentally responsible welcome and limit the ever-climbing printouts of your event. Send all guests their A4 format access code for a fast check-in secured by QR-code.

Complementary services

Equipment rental and sales of supplies

We can furnish you with printing kits (tablets and badge readers) and have supplies for sale: badge holders, crocodile pins, ties, recyclable PVC cards, stickers, and necklaces.

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