Flawless and efficient reception

Connect mini badge printers to our check-in app. On-site badge printing allows you to manage last-minute registrations, it's 45% faster because it eliminates the need for time-consuming tray searching.

Nominative and customizable

Dazzling badges

Integrate the attendee information into the badges: name, company, position... Add a QR-code or a bar-code if needed in case you have multiple checkpoints or you provide the attendees with our networking application.


Equipment, supplies and host services

We supply printing kits (tablets and name tags) and supplies: alligator clips, recyclable PVC cards, labels, and necklaces. We can also provide reception staff trained on the solution.

More than 3000 organizersuse Digitevent for their professional events!

Print your badges directly on-siteand improve your reception !

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