The pandemic has been a tough time for the events industry. Between events getting rescheduled, relocated, or canceled altogether, many governments have allocated funds toward providing relief for those in the event planning industry who have had a particularly tough few years. 🌟

United Kingdom

The Business Events Growth Programme

This program was created by the UK Government and administered by VisitBritain. Its intent is to attract international business to the UK in its priority industry sectors. Funding applications are open until March 31, 2022, for events happening by the end of March. However, applications may fill out a future inquiry form for events taking place between April 22 and March 2023. The application must be filled out during the fiscal year in which the expenditures are taking place.

In addition to their financial support, VisitBritain offers:

  • Bid Enhancement & Support to help organizations win bids for new international business
  • International Delegate Growth to support the growth, development, and internationalization of business events in the UK
  • Government Advocacy 

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New Zealand

The Arts and Culture Event Support Scheme 

This fund was recently extended by the government of New Zealand to provide financial support for event professionals effected by the red level of the COVID-19 Protection Framework, through localized lockdown or because of key performers contracting COVID.

The government of New Zealand announced their $70.7 million extension in February of this year, with the intention being to make it last through January 2023. Those with cancelled of postponed events can apply. The scheme covers:

  • Non-recoverable event costs (cancellation fees, non-refundable deposits, etc.)
  • Reasonable costs incurred by the event organizer during planning and development
  • Full payments for artists, performers, and production crew and companies as if the event had occurred

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Events Transportation Support Payment Scheme (ETSP)

Intended to provide certainty to incentivize many large-scale events to go ahead. The scheme was recently extended for events scheduled to begin between April 4, 2022- January 2023. The ETSP covers 90% of unrecoverable costs.

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The Fairs, Festivals, and Events Recovery Fund (British Columbia)

Provides one-time grants to event organizers to support the safe restart of events. The fund can cover up to 20% of an event’s total budget, with a maximum of $250,000 per events. One unique quality of this fund is that it has more flexibility on what event expenses the money can be used for. This is because the goal of this fund is to incentivize event organizers to hold full-scale events, not repay them for cancelled/rescheduled events like other schemes do. For example:

  • Operational costs (staffing, volunteer management)
  • Artists’ fees
  • Wages or contractor fees for event production
  • Health and safety requirements
  • Insurance
  • Venue rental fees
  • Marketing, promotion, and signage

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State Significant Event Fund (NSW)

Designed to enable accelerated investment to develop events that have the potential to attract visitors to the State. The Australian government defines a State Significant Event as “one that has the potential to be nationally and/or internationally significant, delivering substantial ex-region visitation, return on government investment, media and destination profiling opportunities, job creation, and economic and social benefits to NSW.”
The fund isn’t meant to be used for business events, charity events, political events, or holiday celebrations.

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Event Saver (NSW)

Founded to provide financial support for major events scheduled between December 15, 2022, and December 31, 2023, that have been cancelled or significantly disrupted because of public health orders (PHOs). The goal of this fund is to reinstill event organizer confidence so that the events industry can forge ahead in staging major events again in NSW. The fund covers unrecoverable expenses, and applicants must file by September 30, 2022. 

If the NSW government determines that an applicant’s event was indeed canceled due to a PHO, the applicant can receive up to $10 million in rewards. This package is based on total eligible costs incurred at the date of the PHO. The Australian Government also tiers reward amounts based on how close to the date of the event the PHO was issued. For example, if the PHO disrupted an event less than one week before an event was scheduled to happen, an applicant could receive 90% of their total eligible costs.

Time is of the essence when filing for a claim with the Event Saver Fund, as applicants must file no later than 14 days after a PHO-related disruption.

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