The Covid crisis has made you think about your professional future and you wonder about the job of Event Manager?

👉 For many, these days have been an opportunity to question the importance of quality of life and the meaning given to work. Everyone aspires to get up in the morning for a job that they enjoy and for which they bring a real interest. 

The world of event management and its professions is reinventing itself, but the possibilities remain numerous. The sector is growing, and when we look at the job offers, we notice that Project Managers on permanent contracts are the most sought after, ahead of Project Coordinators and Digital Project Managers.

Are you convinced that the job of Event Manager is made for you? Read also our article on the qualities needed to be a good Manager.

Now, have you really asked yourself in which context you want to evolve?

Working in an agency, with an advertiser or as a freelancer has many differences. Which one suits you best? This article discusses 5 questions that will help guide your choice. 🤔💭

1. What types of projects do you want to work on? ✨

Your projects will differ depending on the structure you will be working in. At the advertiser, you will usually organize internal events such as seminars, trainings or even conventions. You will have to reach precise objectives and KPIs on company projects that you will follow up on in the long term. The types of events are repeated and followed from year to year, serving the company's missions. Thus, you will establish long-lasting relationships of trust with your service providers, with whom you will work on a recurring basis.

In an event agency or communication agency, you will respond to calls for tender from various clients, belonging to very different sectors. You will be confronted with more varied projects, and your missions can also be diverse: logistics, production, service provider relations... Your strength of proposal and your creativity will be more put to the test to be at the origin of original concepts, but also your taste for competition.

With the status of independent or freelance, you can work as much in agencies or with the advertiser but above all: you choose your projects. A very appreciable freedom but it comes at a price!

2. What level of independence do you want?  🔒

At the advertiser, your proposals usually have to be validated by your hierarchy. The scope of action is more restricted, the pressure is greater, and the project perimeter is more limited than a freelance.

It is a reality, the freelancer has an attractive level of freedom and independence but with high responsibilities and an obligation of result, defined contractually.

In an agency, the level of independence is also important, you can manage your working time autonomously, and have a large freedom to choose your partners. On the other hand, you are bound by an often dense set of specifications.

3. Do you favor job security? 👩🎓

As an employee, job security is one of the strong arguments for working at the advertiser or in an agency, where you benefit from all your rights, a fixed and regular salary (maternity leave, recuperation of working time...).

On the contrary, the freelancer generally has a status of auto-entrepreneur or EURL and has to invoice his clients, manage all the formalities, his accounting, and his contributions. All this without being able to guarantee a salary at the end of each month. An autonomy that requires more perseverance, organization and determination.

4. Do you prefer teamwork or individual work? 👔

At the advertiser or in an agency, you are part of a team and can rely on your colleagues.  The spirit and (often) relaxed atmosphere of agencies can also be a real springboard to boost your projects, thanks to the team cohesion and the feeling of belonging to a group. 💪

On the other hand, enjoying solitude and individual work is essential for working as a freelancer.

Be reassured, it is usually possible that you will be asked to join forces with an existing team, to carry out the design and organization of the event. You can also call upon your own network to build a complete team for the client project.

5. What kind of lifestyle do you want ? 🤔

A smaller team, a less formal atmosphere, more varied missions, and a more creative but also more "aggressive" environment, this is the daily life of an Event Manager in an agency.

At the advertiser's, the framework is generally more structured and formal, but you will have access to the advantages of large groups (possibilities of evolution and career, important social coverage, benefits in kind, a wide choice of training...)

As for the self-employed, they have the possibility to manage their personal and professional environment more easily: less conventional schedules, independent management of processes and working hours. However, the investment time is generally higher, since you have an obligation of result and your reputation is at stake. When you are self-employed, you are the product!

It's up to you to define what suits you best, depending on the life and career you want to have, your personality, and your work habits.


As in all jobs, your investment is proportional to your desire and motivation. So above all, don't forget the most important thing: look for a sector that you like and that inspires you! 🕵️

3 options are available to you: work in an agency, with an advertiser or as a freelancer. Regardless of the structure in which you will work or your status, your final objective remains the same: to be faithful to your clients' requests, to respect their specifications and deadlines and therefore succeed in your event! 🌟

Our advice 💡 : Build up an experience at first with the advertiser or in an agency, then in a second time as a freelancer if that's what you want. This will allow you to have more credibility in front of your clients!

As far as remuneration is concerned, an Event Manager earns between 1800€ for a beginner profile and 3000€ in the middle of his career and up to 6000€ if you are senior. Bonuses are sometimes awarded for successful projects. Obviously, the salary depends on the sector of activity and the size of the company. 👔 Some sectors have an easier time recruiting Event Project Managers, thanks to their high budget: the pharmaceutical and health sector, the banking, finance and insurance sector, or the technology industry and the IT sector.

Some sites to guide you in your job search:
- Freelance: Upwork, Freelancer and Malt.
- Agency: Monster and Glassdor.
- At the advertiser: Indeed, or look at the offers directly on the sites of the groups that interest you.

💪 So, ready for new challenges?