💡 Whether you're a novice or with years of experience, take stock regularly to deepen your current qualities and develop new ones!

We interviewed 3 experts: Myriam, Independent Project Manager for 10 years; Debbie, Founder of Devotion Events; and Vincent, Director of Capdel

Discover their advice and the qualities that seem to be essential for this job. Enjoy reading! 🏆 

Being a Project Manager is good, being a good Project Manager is better! 

Competition is tough between Project Managers. Perseverance and endurance are required to succeed in making a place in this world. 💪 

  1. Relational skills: don't neglect your network, and nurture your contacts!
    As you can probably imagine, the event industry is quite small and contacts are very often the key to a successful event design and organization. Listening and negotiation skills are also major elements for qualitative and long-lasting relationships. 

  2. Organization and anticipation: the key to managing your stress
    The sense of organization and priorities is essential to manage small and large events, but also to anticipate all the unforeseen hiccups that may occur. Your stress management and endurance will thank you for it! Each new mission is a new way to develop your organizational skills. Always be better prepared than your last event, and always anticipate a little more.

  3. Innovation, originality, creativity! 
    In the event industry, competition is fierce and each event is a new challenge to innovate and get out of your comfort zone. The versatility of missions makes room for a large space of creativity, so don't hesitate, go for it and take (measured) risks!

  4. Passion yes, but beware of the work/life balance! 
    The Project Manager profession is a calling which requires a great investment and availability, sometimes to the verge of being intrusive in one’s personal life. Sometimes you need to stop and take a break in order to preserve your mental and physical health.

  5. A leadership spirit: federate and motivate your team
    As a Project Manager, you work in collaboration with various partners, but you are also the main link between the client and the different teams in charge of the event. Your leadership skills are therefore essential to bring motivation up, positivity and team cohesion! As a good leader, you guide the group to achieve a common goal. A successful event required a united and dynamic team.  

  6. Be curious: always on the hunt for new trends! 
    Being curious and reactive to current events will allow you to quickly differentiate yourself from your competitors. Don't hesitate to do regular monitoring to keep up to date with the latest trends, and thus offer modern and unique services to your customers. According to Vincent, "Your strength of proposal and your new skills will be real assets!"

  7. Be yourself: your personality is a major asset
    Bring your personal touch to your events! Nobody is you, nobody looks like you. But above all, no one knows you better than you know yourself, with your strengths and weaknesses. For Debbie, your project reflects your personality: "Be true to yourself from beginning to end, while finding the right balance between self-confidence and humility.

  8. Choose your partnerships correctly: their delivery is your responsibility
    You are the main contact for your clients. They rely on you to choose serious, qualitative, and honest partners! Take the time to discover and test services adapted to your clients' needs before launching any project. Nothing is better perceived than your ability to recommend service providers with impeccable service. Win-win partnerships guaranteed!

  9. Trust is the foundation of any relationship: be reliable!
    Your clients trust you and count on you to manage the smallest details. Positive and thoughtful, you know how to adapt and reassure your customers regardless of the issue. Myriam's tip: "Give 200% to your projects, even if it means doing tasks that are sometimes more or less rewarding. Be sure that your clients will recommend you and be loyal to you!"

  10. Formalities, budget... be comfortable with all the tasks!
    Estimating costs, evaluating prices, optimizing and monitoring budgets and envelopes, comparing the quality/price ratio of suppliers... but also writing or checking the compliance of a contract are tasks with which the Project Manager must be comfortable with. A budget being respected and a proper contract are an essential guarantee of professionalism. So, don't be afraid of numbers and administrative tasks!


As #EventProfs, you already know the universe of events, so you have a real head-start on the new generations! 🌟

The Event Project Manager role is evolving over the years and is breaking away from its traditional codes and conventions. It is now open to the world, to modernity and to new trends, a world of possibilities is offered to this profession.

💪 Be yourself and innovate!