100% virtual or hybrid events

Digitalize your events all the while maintaining your objectives. Discover our innovative functionalities and anticipate usage evolution.

COVID Special

Maintain and adapt your events

We have collaborated with dozens of organizations to transfer their events into a hybrid or virtual format. Let's face head-on and accept the challenges of today in order to reach your objectives!

Live videos and interactions

Increase the range of your event

Broadcast your event in superior quality. Allow your participants to interact and speak live. Make your content accessible post-event via replay.

Interactive tour

Create virtual rooms

As if physically present, allow all guests to participate in a workshop of their choice. Create a content page to navigate with ease through different available workshops.

Multiply encounters

Organize individual meetings

Program long-distance ''1 to 1'' meetings, which are more practical and flexible than physical encounters. Create value by connecting your participants and generating schedules with great potential.

Professional quality

Video recording of your events

In partnership with specialized service providers, we carry out your event's recording in its best light. The video stream is then broadcasted live on your platform or social media.

They trust us with their innovative events

Virtualize your events with ease

We have solutions and ideas for your next hybrid or 100% virtual event