Annual Sales Kick-off seminar organized by SFR (#2 French operator)

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SFR Business, Altice group, is the B2B brand of the second largest French telecom operator. SFR Business develops telecom solutions and ICT services adapted to the challenges of each company around 3 axes:

  • Facilitating the change of employee's working methods
  • Providing methods to take advantage of the digital transformation, access to fiber internet or the IoT
  • Ensure data security and regulatory compliance.
  • Intuitive back office & dashboard
  • Emailing campaigns
  • Full event site
  • Room sharing management plug-in
  • Vanity URL
  • White label
  • Automatic confirmation by email
  • Ultra-fast check-in on tablets
  • Live badge printing
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Photo albums
  • Dashboard & statistics
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SFR Business is the entity of the #2 French operator SFR in charge of business customers. This B2B market relies on a specialized sales force that must remain wired to the group's news, products and offers to meet the demands, regardless of the activity of the customers. The annual kick-off convention at Disneyland Paris had to be irreproachable because it gives impetus and establishes the strategy and objectives of a changing group.

Initial stakes ...

For the organizers, the objective is to gather all the collaborators in the same place during 2 days, it requires to manage various organizational challenges:

  • Inviting collaborators and making sure that everyone receives the invitation,
  • Manage rooms sharing and distribution between participants,
  • Managing modes of transport and shuttles to access the event,
  • Distributing badges to each employee upon their arrival to save time,
  • Sharing the highlights of the event and gather feedback for future editions.

Inviting collaborators and making sure that everyone receives the invitation

In a few clicks, the organizing team was able to create a beautiful registration site in the colors of SFR Business with the Digitevent online design tool. In order to respect the brand's image charter and to be a completely white label with respect to Digitevent, a dedicated domain name was set up. The domain name also served as the email address to send out invitations via Digitevent. Since all the recipients were from the same company, SFR Business ISD was able to "whitelist" our sending IP address of Digitevent to ensure that all reach their recipients.

Manage rooms sharing and distribution between participants

In order to allow the teams to meet and exchange, some salespeople had to share their hotel room. A room booking plug-in was set up on the registration site. Everyone could search for attendees who were still free, and request them to share a room. When a potention roommate was selected, an email was automatically sent to both to confirm the reservation of their room with each roommate's details. From the Digitevent dashboard, organizers could monitor any time who was still without a roommate and the choices of every salespersons already assigned to rooms.

Managing modes of transport and shuttles to access the event

When completing the registration form, invited participants were asked to specify their mode of transport to go to the event which was held at Disneyland Paris. Depending on their choices (train, plane, carpooling ...), details were requested (train number, flight etc ...). Some information has also been conditionally communicated to facilitate the registration process. For example, details about airport shuttles were only provided to attendees coming by plane. Thanks to limited availability listing fields on the form, it was also possible to take into account the limited capacity of shuttles (45 seats), optimizing travels and avoiding overbooking.

Distributing badges to each employee upon their arrival to save time,

At the arrival of the participants, a badge is automatically printed thanks to iPads connected to the Digitevent mini-Bluetooth printers. In minutes, everyone is given a nominative badge mentioning their region and specialty to facilitate exchanges and meetings during the seminar. Moreover, this digital check-in allowed organizers to follow arrivals in real time and to see who were missing. At the arrival of each participant, an email is automatically sent to communicate wifi credentials, to recall the name of the roommate and the schedule of the event to come.

Sharing the highlights of the event and gather feedback for future editions

After the event, the organizers wanted to communicate regarding the important moments of the event and to collect feedback of each attendee about the workshops and plenary sessions. Indeed, it was essential for SFR Business to survey participant's feelings (about presented innovations, quality of the information received, Q&A etc ...). An online satisfaction survey was sent through Digitevent. To encourage participants to respond, a photo album of the event was added. The access to photos was made possible only after answering the survey. Answers were immediately accessible from the Digitevent dashboard through smart analytics and charts, with no need to retreat Excel data.

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