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Written by Syrian Fis - 05 Oct 2020 - 2 MIN

Improve the interaction in your Digitevent events: example with Slido integration

To make your virtual and hybrid events more exciting, Digitevent integrates Slido into your event sites and allows you to benefit from a complete and recognized interaction solution. 

Involve your audiences thanks to the wide range of tools that this integration allows: 

Live Q&A sessions: 

Your audience can ask questions in a moderated chat and learn more about the details that really interest them. 

This feature, like the rest of the virtual event experience, is of course compatible with all devices. The person asking a question can also choose to divulge their name/first name or remain anonymous, which can sometimes free the floor for sensitive topics.

To go even further, the solution allows participants to vote for other questions, so that the speakers can quickly see which ones are the most successful. 

More and more polls : 

You can (and should) integrate polls into your events. Extremely practical to collect the opinion of thousands of people in a few seconds, this tool comes in several forms: 

> Word clouds, useful for breaking the ice.

> Multi-option polls, perfect for multiple choice questions

> Surveys with scoring, useful for quantifying results

> Free-text polls, useful to find out what people are thinking.

Polls can be used as an introduction to a workshop, in the middle of a presentation to track audience understanding, or at the end of a meeting to provide a wrap-up. Anything is possible! 

Here’s a list of 40+ original questions you could ask your audience.

Bring quiz competition to your events :

Bring suspense and awaken the competitive spirit in each of your participants with the Quizzes: prepare your questions in advance and simply integrate them into the tool.

Don't hesitate to spice up the experience by adding a maximum amount of time to answer each question, and display the scoreboard to push participants to progress!

We recommend that you do a quiz at the beginning or end of the event, without forgetting of course a prize for the first 3.

It's up to you to make your virtual and hybrid events more dynamic!

Discover how Digitevent integrates Slido to make your events more interactive

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