Business France is a famous state institution that has a long track record of organizing networking events to help French organizations develop abroad. They connect companies to influencers, partners, and leaders. For their match-making B2B events, Digitevent provides the tools to help with the registration process, planning elaboration, networking and access control.

Initial stakes ...

At the heart of Business France's concerns for its events is the ability to initiate and organize strategic meetings. In the case of the French Tech International Meetings, this involves creating networking opportunities between country experts and participants (companies looking to develop abroad). To do so, the organizer needs to set up a complete registration process covering:

  • Communication of event information and promotion via a dedicated website
  • The management of invitations and reminders to maximize the participation rate
  • Meeting requests from participants to experts
  • Moderation in order to optimize meetings and the event schedule
  • Automatic generation of individual planners directly sent to participants
  • Access control on the day of the event, on arrival, and at conferences
  • Live and automatic badge printing for each participant

Setting up the event site

Whether it's to give an innovative image or to communicate useful information on the day of the event, a beautiful and effective event site is a must. The French Tech International Meetings are managed by a team of 4 people at Business France who use the Digitevent permissions feature to delegate rights and work as a team on the project. The site is created in a timely and autonomous manner through the use of a Digitevent template duplicated from a previous event.

Appointment Management

Once initial registrations are completed, we enter the key phase of the organization: meetings management! To do so, the organizational team sends future participants an individual link to view experts who will be present, as well as those in their field. From this link in the event site, participants can make meeting requests and indicate their desire to meet the various experts.

Moderation of requests

The experts (or the organizer directly) monitor the requests received and can approve or reject them. By approving them, they automatically come to position themselves in the slots available to the participant and the expert. Obviously, the teams move a scheduled meeting or cancel it (ex: change of opinion of an expert, cancellation of a presence etc ...) at any time.

Schedule generation

Registrations are then closed. From the Digitevent dashboard, organizers fine-tune schedules by entering the latest appointments between experts and participants in the available slots. The individual planners are then sent by email (with PDF event access badges) to the experts and participants. The planner is dynamic and automatically reflects every change in the attendee schedule.

Event day: Scanning at checkpoints and badge printing

To simplify arrivals and measure attendance in real time, an e-invitation scan system is set up. At each check-in, the tablet triggers the printing of a nominative badge. This badge encourages and facilitates networking between attendees. Business France teams have also chosen to print live badges to avoid the pre-printing and alphabetical sorting of all badges which is time-consuming. Moreover, in case of extra participants (or spelling mistake on a name), the badge is immediately re-printed in the same format as for other participants.