Event management often attracts skepticism from decision-makers: high expenses, complicated ROI to measure (when you can so easily measure your event ROI), and results often perceived as indirect.

Yet it is quite simple to understand the stakes that events represent for a brand. We will therefore give you several arguments to demonstrate that an event budget is necessary for your sector of activity.

Each stakeholder must be addressed: hierarchy, sponsors, customers, participants, and collaborators. The best way to do this is to address these different targets with different approaches, taking into account their specific issues. Indeed your communication should be more focused on numbers for your hierarchy and sponsors, and focused on the experience for your participants, while the focus should be on the commercial gains for your employees.

But you must also take into account the objective of the event. The organization of an event can be motivated by several reasons: the promotion of a product, the notoriety in your market, the networking in your sector...

Convincing by reason :

Here are a few arguments that prove events are a necessity and that they pay off:

  • The French (for instance) love events: 93% of them are "in lack of events" since May 11, 2020, according to La Réclame. The Latin culture makes them want to spend time with others.
  • This is useful for product demos: don't tell the benefits of your offers, show them to everyone.
  • You are addressing a hyper-qualified target. Let's take an example: at the Amsterdam Coffee Show, you are only addressing professionals in the coffee sector and you are sure that all the key players will be present. All it takes is a good meeting to open up unexpected opportunities. And these meetings take place during very specialized events. You have to be there, otherwise, you will leave the place to your competitor.
  • Propose KPIs to measure your event objectives. This will allow you to decide with your manager what you want to achieve (and exceed).
  • Your event will be an opportunity for your teams to collect leads from targeted prospects concerned by your activity.
  • You develop your brand awareness and your employer brand, and your corporate culture.

If you organize a filmed or live event :

- You will be able to use lead generation by broadcasting replays to collect leads from your virtual event or by creating dedicated landings pages requesting registration to access the event.

Persuade by emotion : 

  • Events are one of the most fertile professional playgrounds for innovation and creativity. You are free to surprise your guests in every possible way! 
  • Emotion is at the heart of the event approach and allows you to mark your guests by transforming a simple event into a memorable experience. 
  • In virtual, the event brings employees closer together in order not to lose the social link.
  • This allows your customers to put faces to names and strengthens the emotional bond between you and your customers, which is very important for the longevity of the business relationship.
  • The event also allows you to create an effective networking experience, both face-to-face and virtual, and thus create business opportunities.
  • With all these arguments, you should convince and persuade stakeholders of the purpose of your next one. The event represents a cost (which can be optimized), but above all, it is an indispensable investment.

With all these arguments, you should convince and persuade stakeholders of the purpose of your next event. The event represents a cost, but it is above all an indispensable investment.