Your event deserves maximum participation.

An intuitive tool to communicate effectively and at the right moment with every one of your future attendees.

Beautiful, simple and effective

We have designed a tool to create beautiful emails in the theme of your event. Each message is automatically optimized for a responsive rendering (smartphone, pc...). Compose your message or choose one from our template gallery for an optimal experience.

Optimized deliverability

Everything is done to maximize the deliverability of your campaigns and your registrations. Our engineers have worked since the design of the product to minimize spam and to ensure that every message reaches its recipient!

The right message, at the right time

Adapt your communication to the registration process. You can send manual campaigns at the time of your choice (save-the-date email, invitations, reminders, reminder sms, thanks ...). You can also set up automatic messages for different notifications (registration confirmation, vip alert sms etc ...).

Contacts segmentation

Use the data knowledge about your guests to customize your exchanges. The segmentation of contacts will allow you to address different messages to each type of participants (vips, staff ...). In each message, you can include dynamic tags to customize it with the contact information.

Utilizable statistics

The performance of each campaign is available in real time: opening, click, spam rates etc ... Follow the evolution of registrations at any time, and send reminders to the right guests when needed. We have popularized the scientific organization of events!

White label and vanity addresses

Optionally, each message can be sent with full white label via the customization of your sending email address (custom domain name). Equip yourself with professional tools in line with your brand image and the importance of your events.

Need advice?

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