On site digitalization solutions for events,
Save time and make attendees happy.

Digital check-in using tablets, QR-codes, NFC, as well as automatic badge printing and smart on-site solutions for your events


High quality and fast

Easy to use and configure. Check or scan hundreds of people an hour and give a good first impression of your event.



You can use your own hardware (iPad, Android or Windows). Only an up-to-date Google Chrome is required, you don't have to download anything.

Solutions for each event, from the opening party to the B2B congress.

Scan attendees via barcode, QR-code or NFC

marque blanche

Customization and white label


CRM integrations and tailored plugins

Print badges in seconds as attendees arrive. No need for sorting badges or printing them beforehand. Works in offline mode.

See live printing in action

Label printing

Instantly print white or transparent nominative labels and stick them to your badges when attendees arrive. Include necessary information (name, company, qr-code...)

Badge printing

Print directly on plastic PVC cards (Credit card format) in color or black & white. Print up to 500 cards per printer per hour.


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