Create a superb event website: invitation campaigns, free and paid registrations

From invitation email campaigns to registrations, the solution has been thought by event planners to improve their attendee's experience.

Modern and responsive

Minimalist and extremely responsive, we designed it to be worthy of the first impression you want to give of your event

Versatile registration form

Customize the form and integrate different questions (text fields, dropdowns, lists with limited availabilities, email, phone numbers, photos, pdf, etc...)


Upload your own visuals, choose your font, write your content, add an interactive map and build a tailored registration form.

Powerful dashboard

Keep track of orders and cash-out anytime, without fees.

Types de paiement & devises

Attendees can pay by Credit card, check or bank transfer, in EUR, GBP, USD, CHF, SEK, NOK, DKK, PLN, CAD.

Categories of tickets

Group tickets by categories, and set the stock, VAT, and the maximum number of tickets per order.

Reserved prices

Set distinct prices for different segments of guests (vips, staff, members...).

Invoice generation

Attach invoices to order confirmations. Associations can let attendees make free gifts.

Multiple registrations

Your participants come in a group? No worries, they can make a single order to register several attendees.


Forms and conditional fields

According to guest segments and the data entered, dynamically change the fields required in the registration form

Multiple registrations

Allow participants to register other attendants according to their level of rights. If necessary, request specific information for accompanying persons

Integration and tailored plugins

Do you have particular needs? Ask for dedicated functionalities so we can adapt our solution to your event.
fonctionnalités avancées

Satisfaction forms

Ask participants for their feedback and suggestions on content and organization. You will measure the effectiveness of your event. Thanks to the digital access control, you can send this satisfaction survey to those who actually attended.

fonctionnalités avancées

Event photos

Download the highlights of the event, categorize them into albums and share them with your attendees. The presence of photos on the event site is often a great way to encourage participants to complete the online satisfaction form.

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