Attendance check of Doctors at the Nobel Biocare Medical Symposium

Nobel Biocare has been is a world leader in the field of innovative implant-based dental restorations since 1965 - the year when Professor Brånemark treated his first complete toothless patient. Nobel Biocare's goal is to create value for patients and customers through the benefits of superior products and solutions.
  • Emailing campaigns
  • Ultra-fast check-in on tablets
  • Signature on tablet
  • Live badge printing
  • Welcome auto messages
  • Electronic PDF badges
  • Multiple control points
  • Barcode / QR codes / NFC scan
  • Plug-in & integrations - Salesforce
  • Dashboard & statistics
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Since its creation, Nobel Biocare has been developing cutting-edge technologies and solutions for dental implantology. Each innovation has to be communicated, explained and demonstrated to the specialist practitioners. This process is essential for the laboratory and the patients. For its various symposiums in Europe, Nobel Biocare has put its trust in Digitevent to digitalize the on-site management of attendees.

Initial stakes ...

  • Importing data from internal CRM,
  • Check-in and badge printing as doctors step in to the event,
  • Conference access control and issuance of certificates of attendance,
  • Tracking and signatures at the entrance of the conferences and meals,
  • Data synchronization with Salesforce after the event.
  • Importing data from internal CRM

    Nobel Biocare has an internal CRM which they use to invite their future event participants. Indeed, the presence of doctors is the fruit of a long work from the laboratory representatives who are in daily contact with the practitioners. From their CRM, organizers at Nobel Biocare can export their Excel list of expected participants. Then, in one click from the Digitevent dashboard, they were able to import this file into the check-in app.

    Check-in and badge printing as doctors step in to the event

    On D-Day, 2 mini-printers and 4 tablets were set up at the reception desk of the prestigious Brussels hotel where the event took place. At the arrival of each attendee, a badge is instantly printed. The latter includes the name, first name, specialty and a QR nominative code for each doctor. Physicians were also asked to sign on the tablet to record their signature for regulatory purposes. In real time, the organizing team from Nobel Biocare and their event agency could follow from their smartphones the number of arrivals to the event. As the 200th attendee is checked-in, doors of the first conference were opened.

    Conference access control and issuance of certificates of attendance

    Physicians needed a certificate of attendance for each of the conferences and training workshops attended. This allows them to validate training credits. To do so, at the entrance of each conference, hosts and hostesses scan badges using our professional laser scanners. Automatically, a PDF certificate of presence is sent by email to each physician, mentioning the date and the name of the attended training.

    Tracking and signatures at the entrance of the conferences and meals

    For regulatory and ethical reasons, Nobel Biocare must keep proof of the benefits granted to attending guests. This is why the scanning mechanism is also used at the entrance of lunches and dinners rooms. Thanks to the scan of QR codes on the badges, Nobel Biocare obtains a PDF file with the list of persons who benefited from the meals. The scan time and signatures (collected on tablets at the begining of the event) are also mentioned on these attendance reports.

    Data synchronization with Salesforce after the event

    The event is over and was a success! Nobel Biocare teams use the "SYNCHRONIZATION DIGITEVENT" button set up on their Salesforce CRM. In one click, all attendees at the event are marked as present in the Salesforce Pardot campaign. This automation workflow was put in place at the beginning of the collaboration and makes it possible to syncrhonize data between Digitevent and Salesforce. Thus, Nobel Biocare keeps up-to-date data in its CRM and is able to optimize its future marketing actions.

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