Once upon a time...

Digitevent was created in 2013, from the better of the funding team skills, bringing together knowledge of the event market and passion for web development. New technologies allowed a glimpse into the possibilities of innovations that would change event planner's lives.

Thereafter, the main objective became evident and still holds today: building a fast, simple and reliable product that is capable of improving the experience of the most demanding attendees. The rest is a nice story built on challenges and entrepreneurship sagas.

Since then, we never stopped watching the market carefully to be able to continuously improve our product. Digitevent builds all of its technology in France and employs close to 15 innovation enthusiasts. More than 1000 clients trusted us and we are present throughout all of Europe with lots of events in France, Switzerland, Belgium, the United-Kindgom and Spain... And since 2017, our adventure continues with the opening of an office in Brazil.

The company

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FR :+33 1 77 69 50 75
BE :+32 2 318 56 08
SW :+41 225 192 724
UK :+44 203 44 55 438
ES :+34 912 694 337
BR :+55 11 94 566 7140


62 rue de rennes - 75006 Paris, France

South America

R. Marina Cintra, 94 - Jardim Europa, São Paulo, Brazil

Feels like home already...

Digitevent is also a project to which you can contribute while flourishing. We are recruiting JS developers, account managers, growth hackers and sales reprensentatives that are both empathic and passionate.

To ensure that you are acing your application, you will only need: to be hyper skilled in your domain, to be open, to never rest on your laurels, to see the end game and to love working as a team. Being skilled at darts or ping-pong might also help you...

Happy clients

Our clients trust us with an essential part of their events. Let's see what they have to say about our work together.
I had a great experience with Digitevent. Their staff are amazing, their software online is very easy to use.
business france
Thanks to Digitievent, we improved the perception of our events. We saved time and enjoyed remarquable flexibility.
me and my ours
Digitevent is both a simple and efficient tool. The expert team is professional in organizing events and always has some good advice.
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